My name is Mustapha Zariouh, I am passionate about a healthy and balanced life. That is why I have dedicated many years of study to know the behavior of the human anatomy and its pathologies, in order to be able to offer my clients the best therapeutic and aesthetic service.

In addition to practicing chiromassage, I have a degree in sports science (personal trainer) and a specialization in sports’ nutrition and body aesthetics.

I have been working on the field for over half a decade, offering health and well-being in order to give you the best treatment and help, and offer you a more relaxed and healthy life, where you feel special both, on the outside and the inside.

Relax & Time is born after more than half a decade in this profession with all passion and effort. We are a high quality massage center, with a new concept, where you can disconnect, get rid of all the stress and enjoy quality time, with different types of professional massages and body treatments, adapted to each person and occasion.

  • We use high quality natural products, imported from the country of origin
  • We like to take care of even the smallest detail
  • We give personalized attention because we believe that each person has specific needs
  • We attend by appointment and without hurries
  • Air-conditioned and acclimatized facilities
  • We offer the highest hygiene conditions

Each of our sessions is designed to surprise you as an individual or as a couple. Do not wait to put yourself in our hands, we know how to take care of you and give you the attention that you deserve.


Take some time for yourself, you deserve it

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